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Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a unique experience for your child’s next birthday party? Then you have come to the right place! Kids love our Lego® Lab and all of the cool kits we have, so Drake is excited to now offer Lego® Birthday Parties!


Lego® Birthday Parties are held at the Drake Science Center on the ground floor of Norwood Middle School at 2060 Sherman Avenue. Entrance to Drake Science Center is just to the right side of the building. There is free parking in the municipal lot at the corner of Sherman and Station Avenues.

Lego® Birthday Parties


Kids have a fun time building crazy Lego® cars, structures, or machines. The party is completely hands-on so no one has time to be bored and the time will fly by. These parties are perfect for both boys and girls and we gear them specifically for different age groups. Let us do the work and provide all the food or bring it in yourself. We will supply a separate party area to open presents and eat the treats you have chosen.

  • Party Details:

  • Length:  90 min. (each additional 30 min. is $75)

  • Ages:  5 - 12

  • Base Cost:  $275 (Up to 12 children) & $14 for each additional guest (children)
    $10 per adult attending Planetarium Show


Basic Party Includes:

  • Lego® build time (1 hour) or Live Planetarium Show (1 hour) - Party time (30 Minutes)

  • Separate Party Area w/ table, chairs, tablecloth, silverware, plates.

  • Juice


  • Items Available for Additional Cost:

  • Birthday Cakes

  • Balloon Bouquets

  • Party Bags (see below)

  • Ice Cream cups


Lego® Party Invitations

This template prints 4 to a page. So if printed on card stock, they make perfect double-sided invitations to tuck inside a regular invitation size envelope.


Lego® Party Bags

We have several different levels of goodie bags available for an additional cost per bag. Select the one that is right for your kids!


  • $1.00 Gift Bags (Ages 4 - 6):

  • Glow In The Dark Ball

  • 4 stencils

  • NASA Pencil


  • $1.00 Gift Bags (Ages 7 - 12):

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Ball

  • Glider


  • $5.00 Boy’s Gift Bag:

  • Comet Ball

  • Magnetic Marbles


  • $5.00 Girl’s Gift Bag:

  • Star Necklace

  • Mood Ring

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