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Portable Planetarium

Forget about transportation costs, permissions slips, and organizational headaches!

The Drake Planetarium & Science Center’s Traveling Explorer Show comes directly to you for a fraction of the cost of a traditional field trip. Drake’s traveling programs are the perfect way to provide your students with a truly immersive experience by presenting them with stimulating sights and sounds at every angle. We’ll bring one of our state-of-the-art, inflatable Explorer Domes to your school and give your students a day or a week of exciting science instruction.


Our Explorer Domes provide the perfect atmosphere for individualized teaching and lively discussions that support learning in science, technology, engineering, and math. You bring the thirst for knowledge and we’ll give you outstanding instruction, innovative lessons, and a valuable classroom experience that supports Common Core and national science standards.


These programs are customized to target four broad age groups, presenting the most interesting and relevant material for each:


  • Grades PK-2:
    Accidental Astronaut
    Are the stars out tonight
    Follow the drinking Gourd 
    Meet the stars
    Stories about the stars - Constellation Mythology
    Sun, Seasons and Directions
    Card Board Rocket


  • Grades 3-5:  
    Create a Myth - Ancient Mythology
    Telling Time with the Stars
    Two Small Pieces of Glass
    Solar System Cycles & Patterns
    Motions of the Earth
    All about the Moon

  • Grades 6-8: 
    Black Holes 
    Eclipses, Tides, & Our Moon 
    Winter Skies
    Weather and Seasons
    Cell World


  • Grades 9-12:  
    Cosmic Colors -
    Black Holes and Dark Matter 
    The Life & Death of Stars
    Our Universe and Space Technology


Q:Can Drake Planetarium serve multiple grade levels in one day inside the dome?
A: Yes!

Q: How big is the dome?
A: We have two different sizes of domes depending on your needs!

Large Dome Capacity: 40 Students per hour

Size: 25ft x 25ft x 14ft

Small Dome Capacity: 25 Students per hour
Size: 22ft x 22ft x 14ft



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