At Drake Planetarium & Science Center, we are committed to hands-on learning and rewarding an inquiring mind. We have created programs that involve each person in activities that require creative problem-solving and, quite often, teamwork. Our focus is on children and helping them develop a love of science and the many wonders of our Universe. So come on in and discover what the Universe has to offer. You will be glad you did!


Aside from specifically designated public programs found on our calendar, most of the programming at Drake Planetarium & Science Center requires reservations. To make reservations for your school or group, please fill out this online form. If you have questions, please call us during normal business hours.


Drake Planetarium is located on the top floor of Norwood High School and Drake Science Center is located on the first floor of Norwood Middle School. Free parking is available on the street, as well as in the municipal lots found on the east end of the Norwood Schools campus.

At Your School - 
Drake Planetarium and Science Center can come directly to your facility! Offering many different STEM programs that are exciting, engaging, and inspiring to students of all ages.

Take a Field Trip - 

Thousands of students visit our Planetarium and Science Center every year! We have over 30 years of offering fun, hands-on science programs and exhilarating planetarium shows!

Portable Planetarium - 

Our Planetarium can come straight to you! No permission slips, no transportation costs, no problems! 

We have a vast amount of customizable planetarium programs to provide your students with a truly immersive educational experience!

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