Reading & Math Tutoring - Starting Soon!

When: June 8th - July 2nd (4 Weeks)

Reading: Monday & Wednesday
Math: Tuesday & Thursday

Time - 
K-2nd Grade : 9:00am - 10:00am
3rd-6th Grade: 10:30am - 11:30am

Where - 
From your own home! Our specialized
instructors will be teaching live and online! 
Your child will be able to receive the highest
quality math and reading tutoring from the safety
of your own home.

Computer, or other device, internet connection Required. Mic and Cam recommended.

In these fun and effective programs, your child will become a more skilled, strong, fluent and enthusiastic reader. Students will develop long-word decoding skills, reading fluency, and excellent comprehension through Drake Planetarium's scientifically proven effective program.

In our math program, students will receive personalized guidance and skill recommendations that will help them fill knowledge gaps and grow from where they are today. Real-time diagnostics to pinpoint what your students know and exactly what to do next to help them improve, and the ability to explore over 8,000 different skills covering many different math concepts.

Cost: $125