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2017 Camp Descriptors Grades 4-8

WEEK ONE: June 5th - June 9th

Crazy Contraptions & Chain Reactions: Mornings (9am - 12pm) 

Campers will have a blast designing and building amazing moving machines and combine them to create crazy chain reactions. The combinations are as endless as their imagination. From Football launchers to Ping Pong poppers, and Marble Runs to catapults, Campers will join their individual machines in the collaborative creation of crazier and more complex chain reactions for amazing results.


Rockin’ Rockets: Afternoons (1pm - 4pm)

Looking for a blast? Nothing but rocket fun for an entire week! Build and keep all kinds of rocketry. Throughout the week campers build more and more complex rockets using a variety of fuel sources and launching methods. The week culminates with students building and launching their very own Estes rockets.



WEEK TWO: June 12th - June 16th

TECH JOURNEY [9am – 12pm]

Is your child curious about how things work? From Sphero to LittleBits and much more, campers will explore current and future technologies in design through gallery explorations, hands-on making, and problem solving.


Battle-Bots I: (1pm - 4pm)

Be a robot engineer for a week. Design 5 different types of battling bots, then engage in competitions throughout the week.


WEEK THREE:-June 19th - June 23rd

DIY Science Fun – (9am-12pm) 

Campers will try their hands at many different science experiments, projects and builds. They will discover new skills, enthusiasms and fascinations for science throughout this hands on camp! Campers will even be able to take their very own creations home!

Video Game Design – (1pm-4pm)

*NEW CAMP*  Does your child have aspirations in Video Game Design? Campers will learn about the history of VGD and the different phases! They will sharpen their programming skills while creating (and playing!) a variety of different video games and MODS!


WEEK FOUR: - June 26th - June 30th

WE-DO ZOO BOTS: Robotics I – III, (9am - 12pm)

Campers expand their programming skills using NXT chip technology. Stu­dents design their own unique robots and program for a multi-obstacle course with various “tricks.”

There’s An APP for THAT- (1pm-4pm)

*NEW* There is an App for EVERYTHING in today’s age! Where would our world be without them? Campers will learn how Apps are created for the devices we use every day. They will acquire the skills to write and program apps for both todays and future devices.


Lego Creator Camp (9am-12pm)

Building with Lego and other materials ignites the imagination and creativity of our campers. Campers build CP3, flying monkeys, dragons, space tigers and much more. Students work with a variety of motors to morph their projects into working machines used to do a series of tasks.


Bot World (1pm-4pm)

 Campers use a variety of materials to program, build and add electronics for an entire week of robot engineering fun and design their own working robots as well as use Scratch programming and coding. Each day campers learn a new way to program their Bot to solve hundreds of project challenges. End of the week show & tell and programming wars.



WEEK SIX:- July 17th - July 21st

ROBO-ADVENTURES (9am - 12pm) 

This program provides the basics of mechanical engineering to design a variety of working robots and their accessories. Teams will build working models and will experiment with flying monkeys, Mars rovers, and sumo wrestler competi­tions.


ROBO – CHALLENGE (1pm – 4pm) 

Students will build models that will have to do a series of challenges using a Variety of motors to make their models perform a task. At the end of the camp, students will combine their creations with other teams.


WEEK SEVEN:- July 24th - July 28th

Waterbotics Adventure: (9am - 12pm) 

Dive into engineering fun with our National Science Foundation endorsed un­derwater robotic experience. Teams of campers will create underwater robots that provide teams of students a collaborative experience where they design, build, program, and race fully functioning, underwater LEGO robots.


Battle-Bots II – (1pm-4pm) 

 Be a robot engineer for a week. Design 5 different types of battling bots, then engage in competitions throughout the week.

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