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2017 : Camp Descriptions

 Entering 1st - Entering 3rd 

WEEK ONE: June 5th - June 9th

Young Builders – Morning (9am-12pm)

Working in teams campers will solve a week of challenges building a group of contraptions to solve a variety of problems. Campers will get a different sense of achievement when they work in a team to create projects from the very beginning. Young Builders is a great place to learn how simple machines can solve many everyday problems. Gears, pulleys, catapults, Rube Goldberg machines, wheel and axles, mazes and lots of Legos.


New! Flight Adventures-Rocketry Fun: Afternoons (1pm - 4pm)

Campers will work with all types of objects that fly, propel, and launch. Each day, students will make a different type of flying object and then have chal­lenges to test the principles of flight. Wind-tunnel technology, flight principles, and design will be part of each day’s activities. Blast your child into a full week of flight including rocketry fun that can be taken home.



WEEK TWO: June 12th - June 16th

New! Design Squad- Morning (9am-12pm)

Is your child a designer, tinkerer, or creative thinker?  Our Design Camp will show kids that science is active, fun and collaborative. Design Squad brings together campers working together in teams of two to tackle everyday problems that can be solved by using science to solve the problem.


New! Junior Engineers I: Afternoons (1pm - 4pm)

Construct a variety of projects including roller coasters, bridges, drop towers, wire circuits, mazes, and much more. Explore the fun and exciting worlds of civil, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering.





WEEK THREE: June 19th - June 23rd

Young Scientists-Morning (9am-12pm)

 This camp makes science fun! Campers enjoy a week full of exploration, chemistry experiments, solving mysteries, and scavenger hunts: each activity is based around a new type of science every day.  Even a trip to the stars is planned with an adventure through the solar system and beyond in our full-dome planetarium theater.


Roaming Robotics: (Animal Robotics) – Afternoons (1pm-4pm)

This camp combines robotics and programming into one. Let your budding scientist turn Lego bricks, gears, and motors into drumming monkeys, hungry alligators, and roaring lions.  Using a computer; students program the animals to move and make sounds. . No previous robotic or programming experience needed!



WEEK FOUR: June 26th - June 30th

CHEMISTRY KIDS : Ooey Gooey Chemistry- Mornings (9am-12pm)

This camp is all about chemistry and the ooey-gooey things that you can make with it! We strive to show the wonders of basic chemistry in a safe, exciting, and easy-to –understand format. Not only will your children have fun but they will also be learning key concepts for academic success in the future!


Science, Engineering & Art - Afternoon (1pm-4pm)

Campers spend a week doing cool science and engineering projects, perfecting the “magic” of science, and using art to illustrate the science that they are learning.


WEEK FIVE: July 10th - July 14th

Young Builders Creative Build – Morning (9am-12pm)

Campers build a variety of more advanced complex creatures and alien characters. The possibilities are endless . Each day is packed with STEM challenges to solve by using the daily build to help student teams solve real world problems.


Rockin Rockets - Afternoon (1pm-4pm)

Students build things that you can fling, toss or launch into the air. Each day campers build 3 different types of flying machines. STEM challenges test student designed models and then students use the redesign process to make flyers that are flight ready and successful.



WEEK SIX: July 17th - July 21st

Lil Architects – Mornings (9am-12pm)

In this program students will enjoy learning the principles of architecture using modeling and engineering techniques used throughout the ages. Campers will build and learn about ancient pyramids, building city designs, and much more for a week of Lego build fun.


Young Astronauts- Afternoons (1pm-4pm)
Campers will have five days of space camp fun which includes rocketry, planetarium labs, rover designs, telescopes, and much more. Travel to the planets and beyond in a way that only Drake Planetarium can do for a week that is guaranteed to be remembered!




WEEK SEVEN: July 24th - July 28th

Lil Star Pirates – Mornings (9am-12pm)

Yo-ho-ho and a barrel-o-fun! This camp features five days of scavenger hunts, Lego builds, pirate ship designs, pirate dancing, games and walk the plank fun. Every day will be a step in role-playing fun.


(New) Junior Discovery Camp (1pm-4pm)

Five days of forensic science solving mysteries, crime scene analysis, scavenger hunts and figuring out Who Dun It camp. Join the fun!

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